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About Us
About Us

We connect Ideas with Results and People in Need with Donors from around the world.


No middle man.

No big donations.

Micro donations for Micro Needs™.

Small things that can change someone life immediately and forever, like a book, a toy, an old PC... Establish a personal contact with people in need and see the impact of your donation.

Who is IFBW.ORG?

One of our Board of Directors was doing an IT project in Rwanda, Africa, when he visited a small school to give soccer balls to the students, a small donation from his company. He asked kids there: "What do you need?" They said: "Books." As a result of that conversation, we have decided to open this organization. If you have books, sport equipment, pens, bikes, toys, etc. that you do not need, and they are still in a safe working condition, donate such things to those who need such things, working directly one on one with the people in need.

For many of us, books are widely available, but not everywhere and not for everyone, even in the USA. Many people, in this world today, have needs. We are talking about small needs. It looks as more we develop as less we have. Even if you give money to the people in need, you did not solve the problem. Money is a short term solution. We need solution that would provide long term gains. Solutions such as education, job creation, family support, anti-drug campaigns, etc. In some places, even if you give money to people in need, they would not be able to get books, and other items, simple because they are not available there. We are talking here about things that would put a long lasting impact on world around us, an inch at the time, achieved by thousand of small donations, like sending an old English grammar book from the fifth grade to some school, which kids are trying to learn English, a pair of shoes to someone in Africa, collecting tuition for some to attend college, etc.

We cannot save the whole world at once.

Ideas For A Better World is a non-profit, independent, humanitarian organization dedicated to providing practical solutions to people in need in the shortest, most effective way. We want to connect to schools, people, companies, other organizations and make a positive impact, "inch" at the time. Your role is critical in achieving that inch of progress. If you are willing to donate and/volunteer for, please contact us at

How can I help others through IFBW.ORG?

There are people in needs all over the world. However, often, there are many layers of bureaucracy, administration, and papers that slowdown and disconnect donors from those in need. If you want to make an immediate impact with your compassion and goodness, look at the list of current needs of the people from around the world, posted on our web site and make a move. If you want to help, send them what they need. In the process, connect with the receiving party, learn more about them, chat, etc. After they confirm that they received goods. We will issue an email certification to confirm that. You may claim this in your tax return if you are residing in the USA.

Do not send money, send items they need. Avoid sending to P.O. Box addresses. Keep your receipts for tax purpose.

What do I receive as a donor?
NOTE: we will report any abuse of the services to authorities.

Will I get to know people who receive my items?

We welcome opportunity that you continue communication with people that you send items. There are always opportunities to build something bigger. However, it is your responsibility to do that. Please read our terms and conditions.

How does donation work?

See the list of needs, listed on our home page. If you have items that you could ship to those people, register and do it. Do not send items to us. We do not have a capacity to receive, store and send them. Please make sure that all items are usable, clean and safe for usage. We do not recommend that you send monetary values.

Why work with IFBW.ORG?

This is a shortcut to find people that you could help. We do not waste your money on big and fancy offices and do not spend money on TV ads and expensive travels. Actually, you do not need to send us money. Instead, connect to people in need, through our "Need List" and donate. We find people in need and donors, while working on our projects through emails, social networking, etc. Make an immediate impact and be able to see it.

Would you like to volunteer your time at

If you are interested to volunteer for, please contact our president Karen Engelbrecht at We are in need for people who are interested to promote our organization and work on some projects. We would do our best to find projects that we could hire some of the volunteers as a contractors. Again, we strongly believe that there are so many good things we could do for each other, only if we could have been able to connect.

What about money donation?

As a non-profit organization, we depend on donations. If you are willing to help us that way, please do so. We are in need for funds that will help us achieve some of our projects, such as providing scholarship, training and tutoring services, etc. Ideas For A Better World™ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, registered in Illinois state under the same name, tax ID 27-2934557. If you are a resident of the United States, your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We will send you an email-certificate in the case you donate anything through If you donate by credit card, through our pay pal portal, you will receive an email from the pay pal account.

Our location.

405 North Wabash Av. 1712

Chicago, IL 60611

Our Board of Directors.

Mike Z. Marco, President -

Harpreet Abri, Vice President,

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